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Tax Credit services


Electronic Bookkeeping



Our experience and superior methodology have made us industry leaders.  Clients who have used other companies for bookkeeping and tax credit analysis before us, have seen on average over 20% in saving in bookkeeping services as well as over 50% more credits as a result of a Tax Credit Services reanalysis

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We understand the importance of pursuing our clients', records and tax incentive benefits with the highest level of discretion and integrity.  We value your trust and the opportunity to work on your behalf.  All of our claims are documented and thoroughly substantiated.  All of your confidential data is treated with the security and sensitivity it requires.

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Tax Credit services

Does your business have more then 50 employees?

Are you more then 3 years in business?

Did you pay great amount of money  in taxes and you want it back?

  If you answered YES to these questions, then learn more about the benefits of our tax credit service and check out our Frequently Questions.

Tax credit services

The Tax credit services can improve your company's cash flow and will  returned thousand of dollar back on federal and state incentives.  bottom line.  Federal and State governments offer lucrative tax incentive programs, such as enterprise zones, to the nation's employers.  Every year, businesses both large and small are entitled to tax credits that they never claim.

Over the last  year, the government grant over 300 millions  in tax credits.  By applying superior knowledge, experience, and technology, The Tax credit services ensures that our clients receive the maximum legitimate benefit.  



Full Service Solutions

The Tax credit services offers complete tax incentive solutions, from identifying, calculating, verifying, and documenting tax credits to optimizing the utilization of credits for the most complicated tax scenarios.

We are not simply a data processing company.  We are tax credit specialists



Handling the volume and complexity of the data analysis necessary to maximize credit benefits are beyond the scope of many organizations.  Even groups accustomed to processing significant volumes of data, typically lack the expertise and custom processes required.

The Tax credit services is a specialist focusing on all of the intricacies involved in the tax credit analysis process.  Our proprietary systems can manage both the vast volumes of detailed electronic data and the dusty boxes filled with reams of incomplete information.


Paper work

Most tax credit programs demand a litany of forms and supporting documentation for each individual employee included in any credit claim.  Collecting and tracking all of the necessary documents, forms and submissions add a significant burden to any organization.  Sophisticated management systems and workflow rules are required to ensure maximal identification of qualified employees as well as compliance with credit requirements.  Tax credit serviceshas a range of solutions to fit your specific needs.


This is not traditional accounting

Tax incentive programs are often more closely related to the fields of economic development and job creation than they are to tax


Gov Regulation

When it comes to government incentive programs, the rules of the game change regularly.  Full-time legislative and regulatory monitoring, which Tax credit services specializes in, is a prerequisite for achieving the best results

Impact On resources

We strive to deliver our services with minimal impact on our clients’ schedules.  Our analysts are experienced at securing the required data quickly and efficiently.  When our clients request assistance, we work on-site to obtain all necessary information.



We work on a contingency basis.  Our clients pay us a percentage of their refunds or credits only when they receive their benefit, in the form of refunds or current-year usage.  After we deliver our credit analysis, if the client determines the refund is not worth pursuing, there is no obligation on the client’s part to use the credits or pay us any fees. We stand behind and guarantee all of our work.



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