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Tax relief
Personal Level Services we offer

ü  Get Expert Representation for your IRS Tax Debt

ü  Resolve your IRS Tax Debt Problems

ü  Get help with a Bank Levy or Wage Garnishment

ü  Back payroll taxes

ü Filling back taxes


Coporate tax services & small buisness
Discover the simple design

  • ü  Small Business Assistance

    ü  Business Management

    ü  Payroll Services

    ü  Tax Planning, Preparation and Representation

    ü  Financial Reporting

    ü  Free Consultation


Bookkeeping services
discover a simple  way to manage your books


Are you tired of revolving bookkeeper at your door?

Can't find qualified and properly trained bookkeepers?

Does your business lack timely, accurate financial information?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then learn more about the benefits of outsourcing and check out our Frequently Asked Questions of online bookkeeping



Tax Credit services
We specialize in Untradional coperate refund your company should earn in back tax.

Does your business have more then 50 employees?

Are you more then 3 years in business?

Did you pay great amount of money  in taxes and you want it back?

  If you answered YES to these questions, then learn more about the benefits of our tax credit service and check out our Frequently Questions.

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Our clients
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  • Professionals (MD, Chiropractors, Attorneys)
  • Costume Houses
  • Entertainment Production Companies
  • IT Consultants
  • Real Estate Owners/Lessors
  • Music Schools
  • Professionals in the Fine Arts (photographers, designers, hair and make up artists)
  • Retail Business (restaurant, furniture, other)
  • Wholesale (distribution)
  • Contractors (cement, painting, other)
  • Manufacturing