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Electronic bookkeeping services


Electronic Bookkeeping



Our experience and superior methodology have made us industry leaders.  Clients who have used other companies for bookkeeping and tax credit analysis before us, have seen on average over 20% in saving in bookkeeping services as well as over 50% more credits as a result of a Tax Credit Services reanalysis

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We understand the importance of pursuing our clients', records and tax incentive benefits with the highest level of discretion and integrity.  We value your trust and the opportunity to work on your behalf.  All of our claims are documented and thoroughly substantiated.  All of your confidential data is treated with the security and sensitivity it requires.

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Electronic bookkeeping Services

Our goal is to remove you from the hassle of dealing with the never-ending flow of bookkeeping details by providing a cost effective alternative to maintaining an in-house bookkeeper. We are Bookkeeping Experts. We can assist you in any and all bookkeeping functions contained in your accounting software. You still maintain control over your cash transactions and are ensured access to your company's reports 24x7 through a secured internet connection, via our website.

Experienced professionals deliver both the EBS Bookkeeper and the EBS Managment services. Our trained staff processes your work under the direction of  MBA accounting proffisionals.  This allows us to provide the highest quality of service through the depth and breadth of knowledge you would expect from a professional outsourced firm.

The EBS Bookkeeper is an affordable alternative to in-house options



Our Bookkeeper service is designed to ensure your company maintains timely, accurate financial records and reports. Recognizing that not all companies have the same reporting obligations or analysis needs, this service is designed to satisfy the needs of companies that don't require sophisticated reporting or GAAP compliant record keeping.


Our bookkeping service is aimed at companies that need assistance with financial analysis, want regular meetings to discuss financial results and/or to meet requirements of third parties.


E-Bookkeeping Services has special relationships with Intuit, ADP, Paychecks, e-Payroll Plus, and Prime pay Payroll Services. Through these partnerships, we provide our clients with all of the advantages and resources of the best companies in payroll.





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