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Electronic bookkeeping services


Electronic Bookkeeping



Our experience and superior methodology have made us industry leaders.  Clients who have used other companies for bookkeeping and tax credit analysis before us, have seen on average over 20% in saving in bookkeeping services as well as over 50% more credits as a result of a Tax Credit Services reanalysis

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We understand the importance of pursuing our clients', records and tax incentive benefits with the highest level of discretion and integrity.  We value your trust and the opportunity to work on your behalf.  All of our claims are documented and thoroughly substantiated.  All of your confidential data is treated with the security and sensitivity it requires.

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EBS has special relationships with Intuit, ADP, Paychex, e-Payroll Plus, and Primepay Payroll Services. Through these partnerships, we provide our clients with all of the advantages and resources of the best companies in payroll.


 What Sets Complete Payroll Apart From the Rest?

Seamless Quickbooks' integration

40 comprehensive reports at no additional charge, including our Workers' Compensation report that calculates liability to the penny

24/7 online access to payroll data and reports regardless of the input method you select

Extras at Other Services, Standard with Complete Payroll

 A wide selection of management reports at no additional charge, including:

Comprehensive Cover Sheet

Payroll Check Register

Issued Check Report

Workers' Compensation Report

Journal Entry Report

Payroll Journal

Employee Earnings Report

Master File Audit Report

Protected, online accountant access to payroll data, upon your request

Labor distribution reports: labor and taxes by department/job worked

Eight Benefit Accrual/Tracking Reports (vacation, sick pay, etc.)

Deduction and Pay Summaries, can be automatically generated

Employer access to payroll data via the Web

Employee access to his/her earnings information via the Web

Payroll Compliance: Monthly/Quarterly/Year-End

New hire reporting

 Signature-ready payroll tax deposits and reports: federal, state and local

W-2: employee and employer

W-2 Transmittal Form and Mag Media Transmittal

Forms 1099 and 1096

Electronics Tax Filings and Deposits: federal, state and local returns

Checks for Federal Tax Liability (Forms 941 and 940)

Checks for state and local liability


It's Your Choice - Multiple, Easy Input Options

PC Entry - ideal for larger companies with multiple locations

Web Entry - for access to payroll data anywhere, anytime with an easy-to-use interface

Fax and Phone Entry - no set call-in times

Use Our Value-Added Options to Further Simplify Your Payroll (additional fee)


Payday is Easier Than Ever

Electronic paychecks: Direct Deposit, PayCard (payroll debit card)

Laser check signing: electronically signed paychecks save time

PC Entry Complete Payroll software

Electronic payroll tax deposits and reports: federal, state and local

Time and attendance systems

Next-business day delivery

Print paychecks locally the same day you process payroll (via Internet or PC)

Company logo available on checks

UniChek™: check fraud protection

Positive Pay check verification


Gain Better Insight Into Your Business

Custom Reports to meet your company's unique reporting needs

TEFRA restaurant reports

Payroll History CD: includes your entire pay history with Complete Payroll

Print reports locally (via Internet or PC)

PC Plus+ Reports: over 65 human resource related reports

Employee Benefits

Benefit and reporting services

Human resource tools and reports

401(k) plan administration

Workers' Compensation Payment Service

Section 125 Plan Administration










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