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Electronic bookkeeping services


Electronic Bookkeeping



Our experience and superior methodology have made us industry leaders.  Clients who have used other companies for bookkeeping and tax credit analysis before us, have seen on average over 20% in saving in bookkeeping services as well as over 50% more credits as a result of a Tax Credit Services reanalysis

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We understand the importance of pursuing our clients', records and tax incentive benefits with the highest level of discretion and integrity.  We value your trust and the opportunity to work on your behalf.  All of our claims are documented and thoroughly substantiated.  All of your confidential data is treated with the security and sensitivity it requires.

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Our CPA/Manager Service is aimed at companies that need assistance with financial analysis and/or want to hold regular meetings in order to discuss financial goals and results, sometimes aimed at meeting/satisfying requirements of third parties.

   CPA/Manager includes all the basic services of the EBS Bookkeeper and also the following:

 Ace Reports

Ace Reports provide the owner with a daily or weekly one-page snapshot of key financial figures, such as cash in banks, investments, A/R aging summary, A/P aging summary, notes payable, Inventory Reports, etc. With the assistance of your EBS Controller, you determine the information that is included in your Flash Report. 

Customized Management Reports

Customized management reports such as sales by salesperson/region or vendor purchases. Tell us what you needs and wants are and your EBS Controller will help with creating and then delivering custom management reports to you as often as you need.

Customized Financial Reports

Customized financial reports such as budget to actual, comparative departmentalized and/or location, project or jobs reports. Tell us what reports you need and your EBS Controller will help create and then deliver the custom financial reports to you as often as you need.

Discussion and Analysis Report

We identify any changes in your account activity then analyze and report them to you in a monthly management letter. We also compare your budgets with actual results then provide the most useful financial tools needed to manage your business and meet future commitments.

Fixed Asset Reporting and Depreciation

Your EBS Controller will help establish a fixed asset capitalization policy and then maintain a ledger of assets and depreciation. Overall, you will experience a higher level of expertise in management consulting, financial reporting and analysis of your business.

Guidance and Consultation

Your OSI Controller is there to help you contain costs and increase profitability. This is done through a variety of measures. We are here to help you grow your business. We strongly feel that your success is our success









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